LUOOV:OEM home appliances Design & Manufacturing

  • We have experience, a highly qualified R&D team, and state-of-the-art infrastructure and facilities required for any Oem home appliances design and manufacturing services provider. In our experience spanning over 20 years, we have worked with some of the leading businesses and brand names and delivered exactly as per our commitments. We have over 100 patents on our name, which is self-evident for our credibility and reputation when it comes to ODM/ Oem home appliances design and manufacturing.
Mini Pocket Bidet

Why us

— We have a standardized and disciplined approach towards Oem home appliances manufacturing and design. We have a well-thought-out 11-step production flow in place which gives us a significant edge over our competitors and enables us to achieve exceptional results in a shorter time frame.
— Our Quality Assurance team closely monitors the production process at each step to ensure the highest quality standards in our Oem home appliances design and manufacturing cycle. We have provided OEM/ODM design and manufacturing services for several home appliances and accessories including portable pressure washers, portable showers, bidet sprayers, portable bar products (e.g. wine aerators, beer dispensers, etc.), UV sterilizers, mist cooling systems, and various camping accessories.

We fully understand that our Oem home appliances design and manufacturing services are only as good as our team and our manufacturing facility (combined with quality control measures). Therefore, we have established a state of art facility spanning over 30,000 square meters. Our plant is equipped with a 100,000-grade dust-free workshop and has over 10 multi-functional assembly lines.

All of our products come with CE and RoHS approval, ensuring that each product is checked and certified. Moreover, we also offer customization of design, custom logos, as well as custom packaging for our clients.

Portable Bidet for Travel Bidet Sprayer for Toilet

— To further streamline our OEM/ ODM services process, we have established our network of trusted supplies which ensures the quick availability of required items. This combined with our direct shipment from factory method allows us to offer shorter delivery times and lower profit margins. As a result, we offer some of the most competitive rates in the global market.

Please feel free to contact us to learn more about our services and oem home appliances.