2013 Outdoor Portable Shower.

Portable Outdoor Camping Shower with Brushless Motor, IPX7 Waterproof,
Removable Rechargeable Batteries, USB Charging Cable, with LED Lighting Function(SOS/Flashing mode),
Suitable for Hiking, Backpacking, Pet Cleaning, Car Washing.

4400mAh Powerful Li-Ion Battery 75-100 Mins Operating Time on a 6-8 Hour Charge | Type-C Input .Charge Mode:Any USB output of 5V,≥1A;

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Portable Camping Shower



Our industrial park has a total of 30,000 square meters, with a 100,000-grade dust-free workshop and more than 10 multi-functional assembly lines. 80-500 tons of fully automatic plastic molding workshop and mold manufacturing, 300 on-staff employees.

we have more than 100 patents and an elite design and development team to meet the ODM incubation and production of various modern and non-mainstream innovative home appliances. Choose LUOOV, choose quality!.


2022 Camping Shower.

The Newest Portable Camping Shower, Compact Shower Pump with Detachable USB Rechargeable Battery, Handheld Outdoor Shower Head for Camping, Hiking, Traveling, Emergency Use.

Voltage: 3.7V                          Current: 2.5A
Water output: 2.5L/min           Water pipe: 1.8m
Battery: 2200mA (lithium battery)
Power supply time: 45-50 minutes
Charging time: 2-5H
Net weight of product: 0.5 kgs
Products are widely used: suitable for camping, hiking, outdoor life
Product accessories: main engine, hook, sucker, buckle, water pipe, flower sprinkler

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Lighting Device

1.LED Light: Press to turn on/off the flashlight, press 2 seconds to turn on/off the SOS/flashing mode (press again to switch two modes) 2.Startup&Shutdown:Hold the power switch for 2 seconds,the pump start working,short press to turn it off.

Camping shower

Brushless Motor

The external battery includes a lighting setting, which provides added safety for showering at night and can also be used as independent lighting. The indicator light on the battery can display the battery power.
Portable Camping Shower

Compact and Portable

Connect the pump and shower head with a hose (to add O-rings to prevent water leakage), insert the battery, and turn it on. The water flow rate is between 0.71-0.79 gal/min (2.7-3.0 L/min) and the water flow is controlled by pressing the shower head.
mini size bidet

1000mAh 1L Handheld Personal Bidet with Light

It is a Water-proof, Battery Powered Portable Bidet, Suitable for Travel, Baby care, Patient care, Women washing, etc. IDEAL for Travel, Outdoor and Public personal Hygiene Cleaners.

Two water flow levels, you can adjust water between gentle flow and powerful spray, easily for your operation.


Travel Bidet Sprayer.

Specialized For Special Purpose-
It is a Water-proof, Battery Powered Portable Bidet, Suitable for Travel, Baby care, Patient care, Women washing, etc.
IDEAL for Travel, Outdoor and Public personal Hygiene Cleaners.

Enema bulb
Electric Rechargeable Handheld Personal Travel Bidet Sprayer for Toilet

Electric Handheld Bidet Sprayer.

Multi application on outdoor living,camping, travelling, personel cleaning care. (Portable and Convenient in use);.

2 Speed flow rate control.One-touch operation.Public wc,One-click: gentle flow,Travellingson care double-click: strong. Built-in rechargeablel Toilet Camping Baby care.

Multiple uses: The elderly , hospitalized patients and pregnant women canuse it without bending over . Drivers office workers andother sedentary people go out to use the toilet.

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Fill tank with fresh water, Immerse the hose with filter head in water through the hole of water tank!

Electric Portable Bidet

Handheld Soft Pressure Sprayer

Versatile and Portable

Our electric bidet offers a multitude of uses, catering to personal hygiene, car washing, item cleaning, camping showers, and more. Its compact and portable design makes it effortless to transport wherever you need it.

Convenient USB Charging

Easily charge the bidet using a USB cable, easy to charge with a phone charger or laptop. This feature ensures flexibility and accessibility while you’re on the go.

2 Speed Control

Tailor your cleaning experience with the water sprayer’s dual-speed control, granting you the ability to adjust the water pressure to your desired comfort level.

Environmentally Friendly

Our portable bidet present an eco-friendly alternative that eliminates the reliance on wipes, toilet paper, and paper towels. By reducing waste and promoting good hygiene, they not only save you money but also contribute to a healthier environment.
portable shower bidet for personal hygiene

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